How to Stand Out From Other Guys Who Talk to Her

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Afraid you’re coming out as a creep in front of her?

Want to stand out from other boys while speaking to her?

Wish to know how your body language should be when you come across women for the first time?

Answers to these questions & other unspoken power communication tools are in this course. Find yourself getting more without giving more / trying hard – with no tricks or deception. Stop creeping her out & start leading naturally in every situation that you are in with her. How to be a gentleman with a woman, start getting to know the basics to start off with which will make her feel different about you.

Objectives achieved after this 3-part Course:

  1. Eliminate Irrational Fear
    No more anxiety around her. Learn how to greet a lady for the first time, how to talk to a girl for the first time without being a creep. How to stand out from other guys who talk to her, and send out a remarkable first impression.
  2. Seeing Beyond Sexuality
    Stop objectifying her & dive into her real beauty – that which every Human has.. How to stop objectifying her & start seeing her as an equal? And NOT SOMETHING TO ACQUIRE. Learn how to stop being needy and change your mindset while coming across a lady.
  3. Identifying Right Moments
    WHEN to make a MOVE? Start identifying the right moments & stop turning her off by not identifying them – women HATE it when Men miss the subtle clues that they display. Learn how to Lead Naturally while speaking to her. Stop living in an imaginary bubble in your mind where you CALCULATE every move before you ,make it.

Make her feel comfortable around you & learn that women also appreciate touch & affection when they are comfortable around you. This course will help you grow some balls in you (big ones) & will help you in improving your non-verbal cues.

This is Part 1/3 of Body Language with Women course which is about Introducing yourself. Contains 5 golden Do’s and Don’ts for a memorable first time introduction –
1. Greeting
2. Body Positioning
3. Eye Contact
4. Establishing a Connection
5. Upon Leaving

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