When Earning Money & Dating Women doesn’t make you Happy anymore


This Coaching Call Recording will help you understand – 

  • What to do when everything around feels Down & Low
  • Navigating Confusion of what is Right & Wrong in Life
  • What to do when External factors are affecting you
  • The Ego Improvement which is Sold to you – why it causes Pain
  • Exploring levels of Consciousness & how it affects you
  • Why do we want things to go as planned? – The unharnessed Nature of Mind
  • Why your Mind is being Domesticated
  • How to Understand the Limitlessness of your BEING
  • Why do you FEEL something different & DO something different? – Is it RIGHT to do so?
  • Why you Stop from Expressing yourself completely to Women
  • Is it right to only Focus on Career & the rest will follow you as a Man?
  • Notifications which pop up Inside & not on the Screen
  • “Most of the world under illusion of guidance has actually been misguided”
  • The Hatred between Men & Women – why everyone is feeling it
  • The Feminine as an Energy & the Opportunistic Desire of the Feminine
  • Are you Tired of running to ACHIEVE SOMETHING BIG
  • How REVENGE based Energy works
  • The Threatened Survival Mode
  • Chasing the New Thing or the New HIGH
  • Theme of this year – 2024
  • Depth of 8 as a Number – the metaphysical understanding
  • Why things from the Outside Destroy your way of Being
  • Changes in the Mass Consciousness
  • Why does the Feminine make the World Dance
  • As a Man why are you Broken, Rejected & in Pain
  • This year, you are going to be Forced to do this one thing Naturally
  • How to change your Presence & Vibe
  • Reluctant to say NO to the Feminine?
  • Why you feel Drained most of the times
  • Can the Feminine separate Emotions from Sexuality
  • How YOU are Attracting PAIN in your Life
  • One of the Greatest Martial Artists – what was different about him?
  • One thing stopping you from becoming Light as a Person
  • Aspects of your own self which you need to understand
  • Why are you Feeling Sad & unable to Deal with it
  • How are Girls degrading themselves
  • The RESPONSIBILITY which is going to fall on your shoulders
  • You are Weaker than your Father’s Generation – a Wake up Call
  • How currently in the World, energies are getting Manifested
  • The Ultimate Solution to Walk on the Path 
  • Realms of Consciousness
  • How your Senses are being Attacked
  • Ultimate Sense of being Alive
  • Solution to every problem in your Life currently
  • Simplest way to get what you want in Life
  • Is every Probability a Possibility?
  • How the Algorithms take Decisions for you
  • How your Behavior is being Designed
  • A constant state of Fight within – why is it happening?
  • Comment on the ones who are giving you the most Positive posts in the Reel world
  • Your Innate Hunger as a Human
  • Are some things in your Life making you Afraid?
  • Love – how can it Manifest


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