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Who is Sirhud Kalra

He is a Content Creator on YouTube since last 5 years. His main motive is to help Boys become Men. His YouTube Community is over 446K people. 

He is an influence (not influencer) in the Lifestyle space for men in India, where he doesn’t focus much as it’s easy to stand out if you’re not doing every trending reel. 

Currently Sirhud is a Men’s Coach, where his work focuses on bridging the widening gap between the Masculine and the Feminine in society.

He is a Speaker on the Self, where his work focuses on deepening the inward journey of self-inquiry in whomsoever is listening to him.

He is the Founder of The Free Man, an Ideology that acts as a Blueprint for men to realise their Masculinity, and serves a Brotherhood of men who are on the Path of Ascension. 

Trust Us First then spend your Money

What is The Free Man?

The Free Man is an ideology, a way of thinking that the new age man subscribes himself to. It is a philosophy that guides his day-to-day decision making, his life choices and ultimately his impact on close ones and society as a whole. It’s a mindset that he wakes up with everyday, and it brings him back on his Path if anything ever distracts him.

The ideology is an amalgamation of lessons learnt from varied subjects and some of the greatest men to have ever walked this earth. We combine that knowledge with every individuals life experience and the collective learning of the community, to form the physical manifestation of The Free Man – its Brotherhood Network. That is further supported by the university, which teaches all those things that Parents or Teachers never talk about.

For support, you can reach out to us through WhatsApp @ 9096402020 or mail us on [email protected]

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