How to Self Destruct the Right Way – Video


What to do when there’s Fear of Life going Downward
How to Handle when things don’t go your Way
How to Assess situations when you are feeling low

This Coaching Call Recording will help you understand – 

  • Why are you Clueless in Life right now
  • You know it’s Hard Time but how to pass this Time
  • How long should you Trust the Process
  • Understanding why you are getting Impatient
  • Trying to the Right thing but doesn’t happen – how to understand this phase
  • How does Ego shoot you Down
  • Illusion of Victory – The Victory which you feel, is it really a Victory?
  • Building & Dissolving the EGO – deeper & simpler understanding
  • What to do when you are Unsure about things in Life
  • The way you Judge & See YOURSELF
  • The TAKE & GIVE which never stops
  • How does the EGO get Broken down
  • How to change your Maturity to understand Problems in Life from the Root
  • The Value which is Perceived vs the Value which really Matters
  • Should be Harder or Softer as a Man?
  • The Biggest Misconceptions in your LIFE
  • How to Understand your TRUE IDENTITY
  • Why you need to Kill your Ego
  • How we put Pressures on Ourselves when we go Deeper in Life
  • How is definition of FAILURE different for Everyone
  • The Language which Communicates without Language
  • Is it necessary to have Trauma in order to Learn
  • The Nature of Human which gives him PAIN
  • How to take Shorter & Easier paths to learn the RIGHT WAY
  • The Socially REEL World
  • Finding your Peace in Distractions & Chaos
  • How to Understand our Reel & Real
  • The Intellect & Spirit – how to understand it
  • Why there’s a Lack of Presence in today’s World
  • How we Self Destruct Ourselves 
  • How to Stop Time from F*cking you up
  • Should you be Detaching from Events in your Life
  • The EGO Survival Mechanism & how it works
  • Understand your Ego through your Life patterns
  • Ways of Humanity to Orient themselves
  • Why Everyone craves to Build a Storyline of their Life
  • Can you Structure & Build your Life
  • The Abstract Nature of NATURE
  • How to Tackle the problem of Losing things in Life & going back to the Old Patterns
  • What should you Aspire to become in your Life
  • Why all of us want to Operate in Life knowing Everything
  • How everything Operates on the System of TRUST
  • Should you Assess yourself based on where you are in Life
  • Why is it easy to see Enslavement 
  • How to Experience & Understand your SPIRIT
  • Why is everything built on Punishment & Reward system
  • Getting above Survival level Consciousness
  • How you’ll start becoming Neutral in Life
  • Why is there Separation in your Mind
  • How to get a better sense of what is RIGHT to do
  • Building your Way of Understanding
  • How the Feminine Blesses the Masculine


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