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The Free Man Brotherhood


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It is the community of Free Men, men located worldwide interested in unlocking their best individual potential – and they are all connected to each other via a private members-only Telegram group on subscription basis. 

Newly moved to another city and looking for friends? Joined a gym and need a lifting partner? Travelling abroad but want to have a local friend there? Look no further. Get connected to the community and you will find a like minded mature human with whom you can connect and network with, be it for business, exchange of skills, or just a good conversation over a beer. Brothers come from all walks of life, they could be a doctor or tea seller, they could be an artist or a musician, they could be a student or a corporate professional – rich or poor, black or white, young or old. But what binds us all together is the path we’re walking on – the path of The Free Man – inspired by our Ideology of earning Freedom in all aspects and realizing our best potential. And in that process living a hundred lives in one life, from one phase of personal evolution to another.  

We also have an extended Brotherhood – with Chapters in every major city of India, and each has their own local WhatsApp group. It is free to join, and is the quickest way to know about the next meet-up and other events.

The Brotherhood is a place of quality, not quantity.
Every Brotherhood member gets premium access to the following:

Private Telegram Group

You will get access to the inner circle brotherhood where along with Sirhud, you will meet our brothers from across the world helping out each other. The Brotherhood serves as a –


Got skills but want to learn the business/profession under an established freelancer or professional? Looking for a job or contact in an industry but don’t know who to trust?

Find your mentor or next business partner – throw a text in the Community and find like minded people who have probably walked the path that you want to walk on, or would walk with you.


Got something on your mind that you cannot ask your family or friends? Finishing university but don’t know whether to work or study abroad?

Ask your question with full confidential trust in the Telegram community and we will give our collective answer on your questions with the best intentions for you.


Have a fun story about your dating life or student days that changed you from a Boy to a Man in some way? Want to share your learnings from a real life experience but with people who will appreciate them?

Share your story in the Telegram community. It can be in text, audio or video format. Let us live and experience it through you.


Are regularly held for the Telegram group members, which are either mentorship sessions or chilled out conversations, that helps us bond face to face.

Come with a good heart.
Your remaining in the chapter will decide how you contribute and share within that group. Every chapter has their own respective meetups, sometimes for sharing and conversation or sometimes for a drink or a game of football. We welcome you with open arms and a warm heart, and wish that we grow in synergy


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