Brotherhood with a Purpose


The ideology is based on earning Freedom throughout life, and continuous learning that is honed through one’s Purpose, in all areas of an individual’s environment. Be it understanding the self and its complexities, relationships and their underlying dynamics, money, career, society, everything – he aims to improve on all fronts, yet not be attached to the progress, as he realises that the only constant in this world is change. 

He pursues excellence in each field not because he wants to reach an end goal (think tangibles – supermodel girlfriend, xyz bank balance, so and so sports car, etc). Rather he pursues it as it is the pursuit that he cherishes the most, the process through which he gets to sharpen his blade of self-evolution (think intangibles – mastery of skills, self discovery, honing your potential). It’s what separates him from the amateurs, from those who are just drifting through life without absorbing as much as they can from it, and subsequently not leaving their legacy on this planet.


Throughout the world, men are in need of direction. This is due to a multitude of reasons.

Between immature males there is ego, insecurity and competition – things that prevent healthy dialogue and synergy between them.
Throughout the world, masculinity is under attack, be it through extremist forms of man-hating feminism or simply the robotic testosterone-killing lifestyles of the modern day.

Most men do not have a strong and balanced (mentally/emotionally/spiritually) masculine figure to look up to while growing up, neither do they have any form of mentorship for getting direction or a mature perspective. Every man who wants to discover himself, unleash all his potential, and realise the best version of himself is someone who is in need of this way of living.

It acts as a guide for decision making, as a mentor for learning, as a support system via the #brotherhood community, and ultimately as his own secret weapon.
It builds a community of like minded people, who form relationships without any layers. Truth, Honesty and Integrity blossom those relations into fruitful friendships, profitable businesses, value based networks, etc.


The ideology is an amalgamation of lessons learnt from varied subjects and some of the greatest men to have ever walked this earth.

Individuation – Combined with that is the self-evolution angle of the The Free Man. He adds to this amalgamation his own understanding of the World, which he draws from his own life experience, travels and personal progression in relationships, vocation, society, etc.

Knowledge – Philosophy, Mythology and Evolutionary Psychology are the predominant subjects from where we have drawn most learnings that have been inculcated into the ideology. This is imparted in lessons and courses at The Free Man University. Great men from these fields have been our Mentors (in spirit). The list ranges from Nietzsche to Hume, Aurelius to Epictetus, Emerson to Buddha, Ram to Alan Watts, Sapolsky to Darwin, Freud to Jung, and the list goes on.

Community – The Ideology takes its physical form through the Brotherhood – which is the network of Men who have vowed to be Free Men. There are Chapters in every major city in India as of now, and slowly the shores will be crossed and Chapters will be raised in every major city of the world.

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