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its ok But Not To Much knowledge

WHAT A CONVERSATION!! from running mentality from fears, escapism trap, short pleasure, knowing the system, how rules helps, fit in problem, TO idea of god, touch with ourselves, concept of sex and what else not. Every time I listen this I find something new learnt. Hats Off to Sirhud bhaiya. Thank you for this fantastic Conversation.

Ye baat to sach hai.. hum apna current character chodne se darte hai.. lekin 100 zindagiyan jene ke liye kuch khona to padega na boss.. Amazing call recording

Thankyou Sirhud Bhai life ko jeene ka Ek naya Prespective mila Thankyou very much. And I pray to god that AApki Saari Khwahishe Poori hojae. THANKS A LOT.

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