Catching Life’s Traps Before They Catch You

by Sirhud Kalra
4.50(2 Ratings)

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8 months ago
What a conversation, blows your mind & balls. The name as it suggests is Life Changing, god damn true!!! Sirhud Bhai has been the one person who has literally taught me how to be a genuine person & this call of his is going to make you think a hundred times, the amount of energy that this person gives in the conversation is not possible for all, this person offers himself in the conversation man!! A must listen series overall! Keep this work going sir, can't be any cheaper than this, you should launch this more often Sirhud Bhai
8 months ago
We have been trained and marketed to always do something whenever something goes south. Nobody teaches to stop, relax and clear the junk. We expect a new task/experience will save us from our current situation but do we really have the residual energy enough to take up the new task or is it just our delusion to further get trapped ?
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