How To Never Get Friendzoned Again



This coaching call recording will help you understand – 

  • Why you have the fear of getting into the Friendzone
  • Short term and long term behavioural changes that you need to keep yourself out of the friendzone
  • Short Term behavioural strategies that will help you make it
  • What is the Alpha-Beta Spectrum
  • How to consciously get aware of your own value
  • What does ‘Cocky Funny’ really mean
  • What is the dance of energies between the Masculine and the Feminine
  • About PUA & Red Pill
  • Why is Minimalism important
  • What happens when you incline towards the Beta Spectrum
  • What is the significance of Abundance in Dating 
  • What attitude is required towards dealing with insecurities
  • The overall mindset to get Bulletproof from the Friendzone
  • Concept of Inner Circle and Outer Circle
  • The role of Duality and Singularity
  • Alpha – Beta & their abilities 
  • Traits of the Alpha and the Beta


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