• Flaws of Self-Improvement

While Improving Ourselves What Do We Fail To Realize


This coaching call recording will help you understand –

  • What to do if you are awkward in social situations
  • What to do when you have nothing to talk about
  • While improving ourselves what do we fail to realize
  • Why do measure ourselves based on the external
  • Why is the tool of measuring yourself wrong
  • How to avoid causing yourself discomfort
  • How to achieve state of Ease
  • How to stop imposing Outcomes on yourself
  • How to be Authentic
  • What to do when you are caught up in your Head
  • How to overcome feelings of self-consciousness, isolation, and insecurity when not speaking, standing alone, or feeling excluded from a group.
  • Is there anything in this world that you HAVE to DO
  • Avoiding pressure of performance on yourself
  • Identifying the desires of lower levels
  • What to do when you feel empty inside because you don’t have the things you envision or desire
  • Preventing your state of being from being affected
  • Avoiding limiting your own Existence
  • What to do when you lack self-confidence
  • Why are people always obsessed about their position in the social hierarchy
  • How is your own Mental Dialogue a ‘Podcast’ in itself
  • Why does your mind have the tonality of self-defeat, self-judgment, self-criticism on different spectrums
  • How to not get stuck in Judgment of you by yourself 
  • How to be Graceful with yourself
  • How to reflect on your Internal Self
  • Why you need to shed your Identity
  • How does the MAAYA (illusion) play with you
  • The Intellect & the Soul
  • How to attack the Root Cause
  • What is Escaping to the Present
  • Why do we Abuse ourselves
  • Causing oneself self-inflicted Pain
  • Simplifying things for yourself
  • How to change the way you handle your Desire
  • How to get Lighter as a Being


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