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Literal meaning – it is Hindi for the ‘stickyness’ caused after some naughty time in the bedroom. The truth is, we will never be able to release ‘stickyness’ for something that does not arouse us, something that is not our number 1 choice. Yet many of us live life in a way by doing things that are not our number 1 choice, that do not arouse us. We do it because we view it as ‘work’ or something that we ‘have’ to do. The chipchipahat philosophy encourages us to change that mindset, to lead life by chasing that which arouses us, comes naturally to us. Because then it will no longer be ‘work’. We convert our way of living from ‘having’ to do things to doing things that we would do even if nobody would pay us for them, simply because that is our no 1 choice, we enjoy it so much. We start living in a way that is more congruent with our inner self, and gives us an authentic presence in the world. And so that we can spread chipchipahat all over in that world, in the metaphorical sense, before you get carried away 😉

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2 reviews for #CHIPCHIPAHAT

  1. Sharma Amit Amit (verified owner)

  2. Sharma Amit Amit

    #chipchipahat superb t shirt
    Tq sirhud bro.

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