G**nd Fatne Par Kya Kare

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3 reviews for G**nd Fatne Par Kya Kare

  1. Tushar Mishra (verified owner)

    It’s help me alot I’m going to the same situation now i get to know what should I do Thanks for such a amazing course

  2. Shubham Tapale (verified owner)

    Amezing content

  3. Sam (verified owner)

    This message is for Sirhud Bhai and Our communities, white, black, and brown, regardless of colours and raise.

    This is a life-changing message because it involves directions toward worthiness.

    I am a student “keeping overall confidentiality of my name and everything” I am a foreigner.

    This Indian gentleman called Sirhud Kalra @Sirhud Kalra on Youtube, Instagram and his website:

    I want to confidently share with our world that if you are a man or a lady from India, Pakistan, France, Italy, the USA or wherever on this planet, you have a “dream” you want to die with achievements. You will need to visit Sirhud Kalra’s platforms, personal coaching, online coaching, etc. Do you only need him? “NO”, you can achieve all that without him, and there are people like him on this planet right now as well. So what is the big deal about the “F*” on this planet? Am I investing time to send this message out in the world only for Sirhud Kalra?

    Answer: Because “We are living a world that works on (give and take basis) makes sense, we all do it. This gentleman “Give all out” regardless of taking much, coaching one-to-one online is cheap, courses are cheap, majority stuff nearly to free but not free “because giving away free loses value obviously”, but he does give away free love.

    His platforms and content can help you with:

    1. Any problem a person can possibly face till the end of this world and breath oxygen like us. Aliens might need a different coach’s apologies.
    2. Whether dating 20 girls and 30 jobs, whether making money and savings, whether loses and gains (anything someone who breathes oxygen goes through will benefit from his “Lifechanging” stuff

    Why is the “FUcK” I writing this? Did he pay me? (FuckNO lol) Is he my Uncle? (i wish, lol) why?

    Answer: we can die at any moment life is too short for not giving, at the moment, the most significant gift I can give you is his stuff, and what he can give in his momentary-based life, like all of us, is what is mentioned above.

    I want all “Worthy human beings” to dare step forward and experience his stuff and change your life.


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