How To Not Get Infatuated By A Female


Have you ever been in a situation where you had feelings for a girl, but remained just friends with her?
Have you ever wanted to take your relationship with a girl to the next level, but she only sees you as a friend?
Do you find that she talks to you, but not in the way that you desire?
Does the thought of her leaving you feeling heartbroken and empty inside?
Have you ever wondered if you’re in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same way?

This coaching call recording will help you understand –

  • Discover the true meaning behind one-sided dynamics and how it relates to love.
  • How to stop feeling bad about yourself
  • Uncover the truth behind the stories we tell ourselves about love
  • The depths of falling in love and what it truly means
  • Understand the process of building love and how it works
  • Learn the literal definition of infatuation and how it can affect your relationships
  • Change your approach towards love and gain a new perspective
  • ‘Hope’ – how does this come to you in this whole phase
  • Find your own value and learn to recognize it in others
  • Understand the dynamics of value in social scenarios and how to navigate them
  • Understanding Scarcity 
  • When does Love really happen
  • Why do guys chase & Women select (not according to evolutionary psychology)
  • How to look at things from a Non-Emotional Standpoint
  • Love & Infatuation – how do they hit
  • Stop giving yourself false reasons and justifications and learn how to break free from self-made traps
  • Discover the real meaning of Scarcity and how to use it to your advantage
  • Need vs the Ability to Have whenever you wish to
  • Countering Neediness for Girls
  • How to do things for Yourself
  • Recognizing which people are Worthy to have you
  • Why do you feel Powerless
  • Discover how to develop your own sovereignty and regain control of your life
  • Golden Bible for Nice Guy to transform himself
  • Sexual Demand & Supply
  • How to play with the help of Rules of Nature
  • Using Discomfort to your Power
  • Breaking Notions that you are carrying
  • Real meaning of Self-Validation
  • Practical tips to get over her
  • Learn how Girls practice Control and how to identify Social Games
  • How to counter your Emotional Impulse


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