Improving & Managing Mental Health – A Personal Guide


This coaching call recording is a conversation between a coach and a client both of whom have been/are mental health patients.

This conversation contains a personal perspective that has been shared on managing one’s mental and emotional health.

This call is not to be regarded as medical advice.

This recording contains discussions on –

  • if you are Doomed now that you’re having mental health issues
  • if there is no Way out after a Doctor has diagnosed you
  • how your voice is Instrumental in your own healing
  • drawbacks of the Health system while caring for mental health patients
  • if your Recovery is in your hands or not
  • how to overcome challenges such as not being Motivated to workout
  • if being a patient gives you the license to be a Wimp
  • why we allow the Mind to rule us
  • how Ascension over your Diagnosis will help you live life with your condition
  • how to step out of your Mental Wheelchair
  • Sirhud’s experience while battling his own Diagnosis
  • the position of the Mind in the world of You
  • how to handle the ‘fight’ with your Mind
  • how to Ground oneself on a daily basis
  • how to use the Mind for its power rather than for its Pain
  • why it is important to Read books that look at your Mentality from different perspectives
  • Top 3 books for understanding the Masculine Psyche
  • how The Free Man Brotherhood operates and supports Men
  • if it is Reality or Perception – the way you think about Yourself
  • how Humor helps us get over our Past and previous Versions of Ourselves


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