Maps of a Free Mind


This Coaching Call Recording will help you understand – 

  • Metamorphosis ongoing in the World today
  • Why do you Struggle to find Comfort
  • How is everyone used to F*cking their Lives
  • The World & the Social Media Landscape
  • What is our Nature as Animals
  • The Reptilian Brain
  • What does it mean to become Patternless
  • Are you Born to Accomplish something in this Lifetime
  • How to Stop creating Unnecessary Pressures on ourselves
  • What External World Stimulus does to you
  • How is the Journey of Life supposed to be
  • Is there a Right Way to Live Life
  • Why People SEEK all the Time
  • One thing that Everyone must SEEK
  • How Congruence in Life will Manifest in your Whole Reality
  • The Pandemic behind the Plandemic
  • Base of Human Civilization
  • Treasure of Living Life
  • Humans – Vessels of Consciousness
  • One thing that whole of the Mannking Craves
  • Do you have a Place to Lighten the Heart
  • Openness & Expression
  • Everyone who is Waking Up is Experiencing this (YT title)
  • Conscious Levels of your Surrounding
  • Feeling Alone in Deeper Dimensions
  • Comment on the Concept of ‘Sangha’
  • How to Stop looking at Life in a Right Now point of view
  • Anomalies in the Society
  • Changing Nature of Time
  • Significance of the Times that we are Living in 
  • ‘Karma’ – How it Materializes
  • Conditioning to a Lower Consciousness
  • ‘The Ordinary Man is a Fool’
  • Do you need to be Privileged to have a Free Mind
  • Gap between Awareness & Action
  • How to change your State at times when you feel Alone
  • Why is Everyone Lost Today


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