The *Real* Art of Not Giving a Fuck



This coaching call recording will help you understand –

  • Is your mind playing tricks with you?
  • Balance of the external and Internal
  • What finding your hunger really means
  • What is the real meaning of becoming a Man of Substance
  • What roles do behavioural patterns play and how to take them under your control
  • How to tackle Self-Doubt
  • The best time for you to work on yourself
  • How to detach from one state to the other
  • What it means to give your life a Substantial meaning
  • When you feel lonely, what is to be done
  • The role of problem solving and how to be effective at it
  • The secret to feel good by yourself
  • What to do when you rely on External Validation
  • About building Endurance
  • Role of Adversity in a Man’s Life
  • How you can become your own Powerhouse
  • What are the ways for gaining Mastery over yourself
  • What it means to play in the Spectrum of Duality
  • Meaning of giving yourself a break
  • The Way of The Free Men
  • What it means to be true with yourself
  • Meaning of working in the Darkness alone
  • Living in a Reactionary way – how to change it
  • How to come closer to your own Source
  • Reality about Happiness


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