Why she will want a Second Date


In the first part of Body Language with Women you got to know how you stand out from other guys who talk to her, what to do when you come across a woman for the first time and how to come across as a Gentleman. The part 2 helps you escalate your ongoing situation and talks about what you do when you are on a Date for the first time and assists you with the non verbal cues, as well as some points to consider for your verbal ones.

This course will help you understand:

  1. The kind of behavior that women automatically find respectable
  2. How chivalry works without coming off as an ass-kisser
  3. Do’s and Don’ts of physical touch that build sexual comfort between you two
  4. The kind of proximity and body positioning that you are supposed to have
  5. How to Lead Gracefully as a Man that allows her to follow you with confidence / with softness that she appreciates
  6. The right kind of places to take her on a date
  7. How you can express your desire as a Man in a way that the Feminine admires
  8. How to establish a Physical Connection with the Lady
  9. What all is needed to Escalate the Interaction
  10. What things to avoid so that the Date does not become boring and monotonous
  11. How to spark Sexual Tension so that there is excitement for future meetings
  12. What is the dance of energy between the Masculine and the Feminine
  13. How to you conclude a date & when is it right to proceed for a kiss
  14. What are the subtle cues given by the Feminine and how to understand them
  15. How do you dive deeper into each other and make it a memorable date

Along with these, there are a lot of subtle points which will help you understand the major role of Body Language with Women, around people, at work, with friends or any social situation you are present in.


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