From Sex to Society : Navigating Your Sacred Self


This coaching call recording will help you understand –  

  • Why you lack emotional connect with women
  • Why you should be conscious about losing your virginity & with whom you will be losing it
  • What to do when your first sexual experience is not up to the mark to your own standards
  • Why not to date Feminist Girls
  • For Males, why is the sexual performance attached to their ego
  • How to be comfortable with your own body
  • What to do when you are in some ways intimidated by the girl
  • Why are you so much in your head during the act of sex
  • Role of Patience, Time, Compassion, Love in a Social Dynamic
  • What to do when the girl has you just as another Sexual Prospect
  • On Power Trip & Intimidation
  • What to do when Woman leaves you without you having ever pleased her
  • Primary Motivation of why men think they should last long in the bed
  • Why is Self Improvement attached to your ego
  • Madonna-Whore Dichotomy
  • How does Arousal in women take place
  • How everyone lives in their own Fantasies
  • What are Men & Women programmed to do
  • Alpha fucks Beta bucks
  • Why is Man’s need in the world ‘Fear’
  • How to make the Woman feel safety from judgment
  • Why many external things do not affect Men on the Path
  • Role of Actualization for a Man
  • Why is a Man almost always stuck in Proving Himself to the World
  • Why is there more Talk & less Walk in Men these days
  • Why in the society today are Men incredibly Deflated
  • Why are women more Artificially Inflated these days
  • Why is there Destruction of Society being done in a choreographed manner
  • How do women Disgrace themselves
  • Why you need Conscientiousness
  • Sexual Strategies & Sexual Resources
  • Why do the things we thought in our early 20’s change in late 20’s
  • Why do Men today have zero touch in their own Abilities
  • ‘Where your attention goes is where the energy flows’ meaning
  • How to be Immersed into things that you do
  • Why is there Disgust in Interactions after Sex in today’s world
  • From sex to society – fragmentation
  • Congruency in the inner self & the outside
  • The drive that drives Humanity
  • The Creationary Force
  • Why Process matters more than the Result
  • Why is there a Feeling of Exhaustion after Sex
  • How to feel energized after Sex
  • How do realize your own Sacredness
  • Commercialisation of Creation


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