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34 reviews for Gurukul E-Book

  1. Ratn

  2. Subhankar Paul

    Awesome content sirhud bhai

  3. Mayank Pandey

    It is a great course for those who want to learn self control and become the best version of themselves.

  4. Prabhakar lal

    Very deeply explained .

  5. Anonymous

    This ebook is very useful for men. Every man should go through this ebook. Awesome content related to practical life????

    Thank You so much @Sirhud Bhaai

  6. Anonymous

    Jo ese smaj skega whi jaanta h eski value…… Life turning point

  7. Sam

    You can adjust, update, redesign, make harder and (if want meaningful things in life practice are constantly for life remembering that in moderation everything works and too much of everything is bad) “this program is a natural steroid to success” (only smart people will understand this line) so this program will lifetime teach you (things to work on, weaknesses that you can work and change in strengths, strengths and gifts that you already have by God to use even better throughout life) by adding personal changes in this program, updates, harder tasks, etc (keeping overall 360-degree balance this program is basically (A self-coaching, counselling, and overall working kinda tool) this can help anyone to start from 0 to go as far s they want (in any kind of situation jungle, wars, normal life etc)
    This program makes you feel and come to the real realisation that God (gave us everything within us “we don’t need anything from outside to be happy or complete we are born and die alone and everything is possible
    This program is a tool for (wise) that you can imagine, visualise and create into reality” Allah, God gave us this power which this program (simply reveals to change life)

    Your glasses are your reality ????

  8. Abhi


  9. Udit Tiwari

    Everyone should read this

  10. Anonymous

    I have the English version too but the hindi version is more detailed

  11. Anonymous


  12. Bishop

    Insane as usual

  13. Anonymous

    Gaand faad course hai ye admi pura tutke naye ande se baher atta hai …..????????it’s help

  14. Ganesh Gond

    Incredible experience, which cannot be compared. I have seen and heard all your courses, which are valuable. Sharad bhai, thank you as often as possible.

  15. Bharatsingh R.

    It is awesome!

  16. Anmol Pathela

    Path Of Success

  17. suryakanta pradhan

    This E book was for me is like 24 caret gold, but why because it is personality development program… and i want to improve my self but the only problem is fasting because I’m XYZ patent (cant share my illness) i regular eat medicine twice a day……so I can’t do fasting but i can do all task that you mention on book… sirhud bhai please help me with this problem

  18. Zyas Thakur

    great content hai yaar
    @sirhud bhai

  19. Tushar Bhavsar

    i purchased this ebook and its changed my mindset but i cant implied but i m sure that i will follow all tasks as per my schedule and i will change my lifestyle

  20. Nishant Udoshi

    It’s an amazing program. I’ve been under Sirhud bhai’s mentorship for two year now and the development I’ve seen within myself is impeccable!!

  21. AzGar ali MD

    Great practical content thankU sirhad bhai

  22. Vishal Yadav

    Everyone should try this once

  23. Akshay Kolekar

    The gurukul personality development is a gem of a book,You guyz are doing a great job to revolutionize the youth,Keep up the good work and god will bless you with power and prosperity.Gratefull????

  24. Karan Arora

    Good love it

  25. Mayank Makwana

    Initially all tasks feel tough but the magic of detailed visualisation made all tasks a piece of cake… Thanks sirhud bhai for this program which helps me to unlock my potential.

  26. Bhavik mehta

    Actually i bought it long time ago but can’t practice it though. As of now I’m starting it and i found something like more adjustability with yourself,lesser amount of egoism.i wanna continue with more determination next time

  27. Harsh Batra

    Absolutely liked the way the book was written in, clearly guiding the reader through the process. A suggestion I would like to give for the free man university is why not add some video courses which won’t be worthy for YouTube or would not be acceptable there( I would like to see your first ever video on YouTube here XD).

  28. Ayush Gangwar

    Amazing concept!!! I love it ???? . This is the best way to improve ourselves… I love the content… Wish you a very good luck for your future projects ????.. thank you so much

  29. Bhargav Parmar

    One of the best purchase I’ve ever done. Thank you so much for doing this. I will surely check out all courses in short future. Strongly recommended.

  30. Saransh Nagori

    It was a great experience by applying all the things written in that e-book. And helped me alot in my life and i will continue all the things. Again for more results.

  31. aryan gupta

    Best book with all the values that a man needs

  32. gaurav kumar

    Bro jo iski playlist hai umai koi videos show nahi hore hai please solve this problem and reply my review.

  33. Anirudh Saini

    What an awesome book brothers its a must read i would say ,this book combined with the videos and courses of Sirhud sir is gonna change your perspectives towards life . UTHO JAAGO OR LAKSH PRAPT KARO.

  34. Dinesh Subhashbhai Bagle

    Hi Sirhud Bhai,
    Sirhudbhai Day 1 me imagination karna kaha gaya hai pls kya imagine karna hai puri tarah se bata sakte ho..?

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