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  • Transform from a Boy into a Man – understand True Masculinity
  • Learn how to do self-introspection – to understand Yourself better
  • Learn how to be a Free Man, in your heart, mind and soul
  • Become a Creator, not a Consumer – of how you Experience life
  • Discover what your Life Purpose is – to know What do with your life
  • Discover how much Potential you have – so you know your Worth
  • Remove fear and social anxiety – of interacting with new people
  • Create self Discipline within yourself – to achieve your Goals
  • Understand that Success begins – even before you Start your work
  • Remove any Insecurities you have about Yourself
  • Learn how to understand your Internal feelings better
  • Learn how to Express yourself better
  • Not run away from life’s Challenges or tough times and face them
  • Become a person who other people will Listen to
  • Not React to other people’s Negative behaviour or words
  • Bring out the Leader in you
  • Become a better Listener and Conversationalist.
  • Learn how to set Targets in your life and Achieve them

17 reviews for Gurukul English E-Book

  1. Dominic C. (verified owner)

    Short but very powerful read, I never thought that few pages of any books can teach you so much which will remain with you forever. Just read it and use the tools/exercises mentioned in it and you will transform your life.

  2. ratn (verified owner)

  3. Mayank Pandey (verified owner)

    It is a great course for those who want to learn self control and become the best version of themselves.

  4. Surya Chauhan (verified owner)

  5. Uday (verified owner)

  6. Bharatsingh R. (verified owner)

    It is awesome!

  7. vishwas jeet rajbanshi (verified owner)

  8. Nayan Solanki (verified owner)

  9. Nishant Udoshi (verified owner)

    It’s an amazing program. I’ve been under Sirhud bhai’s mentorship for two year now and the development I’ve seen within myself is impeccable!!

  10. Sandeep Yadav (verified owner)

  11. Akshay Kolekar (verified owner)

    The gurukul personality development is a gem of a book,You guyz are doing a great job to revolutionize the youth,Keep up the good work and god will bless you with power and prosperity.Gratefull????

  12. Karan Arora (verified owner)

    Good love it

  13. Bhavik mehta (verified owner)

    Actually i bought it long time ago but can’t practice it though. As of now I’m starting it and i found something like more adjustability with yourself,lesser amount of egoism.i wanna continue with more determination next time

  14. Harsh Batra (verified owner)

    Absolutely liked the way the book was written in, clearly guiding the reader through the process. A suggestion I would like to give for the free man university is why not add some video courses which won’t be worthy for YouTube or would not be acceptable there( I would like to see your first ever video on YouTube here XD).

  15. Bhargav Parmar (verified owner)

    One of the best purchase I’ve ever done. Thank you so much for doing this. I will surely check out all courses in short future. Strongly recommended.

  16. Saransh Nagori (verified owner)

    It was a great experience by applying all the things written in that e-book. And helped me alot in my life and i will continue all the things. Again for more results.

  17. aryan gupta (verified owner)

    Best book with all the values that a man needs

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