How to Kill Loneliness – Video


Do you feel that you are intellectually inferior to people around you?
Do you feel that you have Social Anxiety?
Are you stuck inside your head when you are trying to speak to people around you?
Do you think people are not comfortable around you?

This coaching call recording will help you understand – 

  • What are the Dynamics of a Social Group
  • Idea vs Reality
  • How to break your Illusion of things that you are perceiving?
  • Why does everybody want to sound smart?
  • What is the true nature of Humans
  • What is Life literally about
  • Why does everyone feel the need to talk continuously
  • The only Real place where you will be a part of a Group
  • When do you know what are you here to do 
  • The Force which Connects
  • Social Reality about College & Workplaces
  • Is Craving a place for belonging wrong?
  • How to carry No Pressure
  • How can you become a part of an Individual’s Life
  • What does Weakness bring
  • Thinking Mechanism – how it gets shaped
  • Can you measure People & Yourself based on your Social scenario
  • How do you make People feel your Presence
  • What is the Best thing about Truth
  • How can you enjoy Slowness & Smoothness in your Life
  • Hot Girls vs Normal Girls
  • How do you go from making people THINK to making people FEEL
  • How is everyone Same yet Different
  • Seeing beyond your Physical Eyes
  • Information vs Knowledge
  • How to be less Afraid of Yourself


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