How To Make Friends With Your Father


This coaching call recording will help you understand –

  • How to turn your parents from enemies into friends
  • How to enable your parents to start trusting your decision-making
  • How to get your parents to stop nagging at you for the same thing again and again
  • How to handle the situation if your sibling is treated differently than you
  • How to understand why your father is the way he is
  • How to change interactions from confrontation to cooperation
  • Why we start being a rebel at home
  • Why we behave in ways that is against what the father wants
  • How to turn the drive for rebellion into a constructive pursuit
  • Why it is difficult for fathers to let their sons go
  • How to pick your battles and not turn everything into an argument
  • How to accept more of who he is (your father)
  • How to start building positive bonds with the father
  • How to understand the ‘graph of life’ for different people
  • How to make it easy for ourselves ‘to be the bigger person’
  • How to control impulsive reactions
  • How to recognize the good in those who we think of as adversaries
  • How to get somebody to share their stories/memories/emotions with you
  • Bonus content: the best and worst thing about college life
  • Bonus content: how to filter ‘real recognition and results’ from illusory ones
  • Bonus content: how to filter out people who deserve our emotions
  • Bonus content: why a man should segregate his life into different verticals


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