How To Overcome Fear Of Rejection From A Girl

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This coaching call recording will help you understand –
  • how to elevate your confidence and energy in front of girls
  • the masculine self WITHIN your self
  • the reason why you are afraid of rejection
  • how to stop being afraid of the CONSEQUENCES of your actions
  • why the mind works within the concept of past present and future
  • why are actions are not as important as we think they are
  • how not to be a prisoner of the concept of time
  • the mental mechanism that makes us insecure and anxious
  • how to make your mind your friend instead of your enemy
  • whether DATING is a quality or quantity game
  • how to manage the flight or fight response system that makes you nervous
  • a technique to make you take immediate positive action upon seeing a girl
  • why the fear of rejection is the biggest illusion in life
  • how you will become socially calibrated to predict who is attracted to you
  • what your mindset should be when you get rejected
  • why you should talk to women the same way as you talk to men
  • how to build the ability to pick up on a person’s energy
  • how to protect you own energy against people’s negative energies
  • why you should not try to predict your parters energies
  • what is the driving force behind two people being attracted to each other
  • how to have the ability to change the energy between two people
  • the only 2 things to focus on when going into an interaction
  • why you should ask out a date in person
  • how to show you’re a Man without trying to
  • should you buy presents and gifts for girls
  • how to get rid of people-pleasing behaviour
  • then client asks some personal questions for Sirhud – is he spiritual
  • does he practice meditation

4 reviews for How To Overcome Fear Of Rejection From A Girl

  1. Rahul P. (verified owner)

    Excellent. Just know the phycology behind the mind

  2. Uday (verified owner)

  3. Simranjeet (verified owner)

    Very helpful

  4. NITIN W. (verified owner)

    Sirhud bhai is best leader

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