How to Stop being Negative – A Conscious Upgrade

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This Coaching Call Recording will help you understand:

  • How to change your Conception if you feel that you are Missing Out somewhere
  • The Feeling that you need to Catch Up, where does this come from? How do you deal with it?
  • Idea of Participation, are you Participating to Catch Up with people, things, etc.?
  • How to Diversify the Portfolio of your Life
  • What to do to change your Way of Being
  • How do you Dive Deep into your Life
  • What can be done to take a Quantum leap instead of taking problem specific solutions
  • How do you change your Thinking Pattern
  • What it means to Understand Yourself Wholesomely
  • What does it mean to walk on the path of The Free Man
  • A Power Principle which will help you in different aspects of your life
  • What life is about for The Free Man
  • Why you need to Stop Looking at the End Point
  • NIYAT (Intent) – How do you change it
  • Why you care about Judgement
  • How to Stop Judging Yourself
  • What it means to collect Experiences in your Life
  • What it means to Live a Hundred Lives in One Life – The way of The Free Man
  • How to compare your life to a painting
  • How your brain is conditioned into always being in fight or flight mode
  • What attitude to carry when it comes to approaching your life
  • What bruce lee meant when he spoke about the nature of Water
  • What is the core of a human being and how to look at it with a clean lens
  • Why we should make quantum leaps in the development of our consciousness and how it is possible
  • Which finish line are The Free Men walking towards

1 review for How to Stop being Negative – A Conscious Upgrade

  1. nitin jain (verified owner)

    best call to gain wisdom and understanding of life

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